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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Campbelltown

When your wisdom teeth start to erupt, this can cause discomfort in some people. When this happens, extraction is the recommended option.
At Queen Street Dental, we’ll meet with you for an initial consultation to identify the recommended course of action for your specific needs. We’ll discuss everything that’s involved with wisdom teeth extraction and make sure you’re completely informed and at ease before scheduling any treatment.
Why do we extract wisdom teeth? 
  • We remove wisdom teeth because they can cause discomfort in the mouth if there’s insufficient room for them to come through.
  • If wisdom teeth are partly through and don’t emerge any further, we’ll take them out for the patient’s comfort
  • If the teeth have come partly through and are decayed, they’ll have to be removed

A mouth with wisdom teeth that you have no room for will be painful and uncomfortable, so if you need wisdom teeth removed, just come to us at Queen Street Dental in Campbelltown. We guarantee top-quality service which is tailored to your specific needs, and we’ll always make you feel welcome and at ease.

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