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Campbelltown’s preferred option for teeth whitening

Here at Queen Street Dental, we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services, whether you want your teeth whitened, or need a dental bridge. Using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, our team of highly qualified dentists can do everything from veneers to white fillings – and all for a reasonable price.
Veneers, bondings and zoom teeth whitening 

Placed over your existing teeth, veneers are thin porcelain sheets which are designed to fit exactly over broken or discoloured teeth. A slightly more cost-effective option is bonding, which similarly covers up the existing tooth, but involves bonding a resin to the tooth instead of fitting a porcelain veneer over it.

If you simply want to whiten your teeth however, then we offer a professional Zoom teeth whitening service, guaranteed to whiten your teeth to a natural brightness in no time at all.

White fillings 

Porcelain fillings are the preferred choice nowadays for filling in cavities, rather than the old amalgam fillings. Being tooth-coloured, you no longer have to deal with unsightly gold or silver fillings and can instead enjoy the benefits of fillings which blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

Whatever type of cosmetic dentistry you need, if you’re looking for a professional dental practice in Campbelltown, then Queen Street Dental is the ideal choice. Offering a personalised service tailored to each patient’s specific needs, we guarantee affordable prices and high-quality care on every visit.

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