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Emergency Dentist in Campbelltown

Dental pain can strike at any time of the day or night, including weekends, holidays and out-of-hours when you might think there’s no hope of help. At Queen Street Dental, we understand how painful toothache and gum problems can be, so we offer all our patients an emergency dental service. Whether it’s an ongoing problem which has re-occurred, or a new problem, we can help.
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Our team of dentists will always prioritise emergency calls, but we advise patients to use this service only when absolutely necessary. During the day, our team will be at the practice, but out-of-hours, they’ll be tied up with personal commitments. With this in mind, we assure our patients that they will receive help at the first instance, but to understand that only absolute emergencies should be reported.

Working quickly, we guarantee an efficient service that will provide you with all the help you need in a dental emergency.

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