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Campbelltown’s preferred option for reliable dental implants

Here at Queen Street Dental, we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services, whether you want your teeth whitened, or need a dental bridge. Using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, our team of highly qualified dentists can do everything from veneers to white fillings – and all for a reasonable price.
Crowns, bridges and implants

If you have a broken or heavily filled tooth, then a porcelain crown is the perfect way to brighten up your smile. We can fit your new crown on top of the damaged tooth so you can get your old smile back.

Alternatively, if you have a few missing or broken teeth, then dental bridges are a great way to fill in gaps without the need for implants. The tooth on either side of the gap will be fitted with a crown, with a false tooth placed in between.

If you prefer to go down the route of implants, you can trust our team to deliver top results every time. Drawing on decades of experience, we can expertly fit new implants to give you the smile you desire.

Full or partial dentures 
Dentures are an ideal way to fill in any gaps in your smile, and can either be partial dentures, with teeth false teeth fitted onto a plate, or with a full denture or bridge.

Whatever type of cosmetic dentistry you need, if you’re looking for a professional dental practice in Campbelltown, then Queen Street Dental is the ideal choice. Offering a personalised service tailored to each patient’s specific needs, we guarantee affordable prices and high-quality care on every visit.

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